Daelric Morn


Daelric Morn was born in the city of Waterdeep to lower middle class parents. Daelric was the second youngest of four. Both of his parents had to work hard to feed their children, and Daelric was nominally raised by his older brother, Ren. However, as Ren got older, he spent less and less time at home, and more time on the streets. This left Dael as the main voice of authority for his two sisters. As time went on, Dael noticed that the relationship between Ren and his parents was souring, mostly due to the company that Ren was keeping. Eventually, Ren revealed to Dael that he had been recruited into one of the many underground organizations/thieves guilds of Waterdeep, mostly to provide some extra money for the family. Dael didn’t like the family being exposed to this underground element, but being young, he had to accept it as best he could.

This went on for a few years, and the matter came to a head when Dael’s sisters were assaulted in the streets by rival gang members. Ren promised to take care of it, but Dael took matters into his own hands, and tracked the perpetrators down and maimed them. This one rash act had long standing repercussions. Ren confronted Dael, and told him that he shouldn’t have gotten involved. By only maiming the criminals, and keeping them alive, he had painted a large target on his head. Ren could protect the family through his contacts, but he couldn’t protect Dael. He would have to leave the City of Splendors as soon as possible.

Dael left town at the age of 16, and eventually found a home in the Bloodaxe Mercenary Company. At the time, the Bloodaxes were extremely trustworthy, and never reneged on a contract, always following the intent and the words of an agreement. Dael thrived in the company, becoming a healer and rising within the ranks. The structure of military life was a contrast to the chaotic life that he had left behind, and it provided Dael with some comfort. He was never a leader of men, but he became trusted with important information, and he was asked for his opinion on important company matters. It was at this time that Dael became a follower of Helm the Protector. The ultimate example of duty and trust struck a strong chord with Daelric, and it wasn’t long before he joined the church as an acolyte.

A few years later, two important events transpired that changed the trajectory of Dael’s life. First, while on a job, Dael’s company pulled Mizrahe from the wreckage of a pirate vessel. He took the Dragonborn under his wing, and gave Mizrahe’s life a new purpose. At the same time, the old company commanders passed away, and the new leadership showed themselves to be increasingly lax in their fulfillment of contracts. The terms of some agreements were interpreted to benefit the company, sometimes to the detriment of their employers. Sometimes the “letter of the law” was used to justify it, and sometimes the “intent”. This moral flexibility didn’t sit well with Daelric. And when he combined this new awareness with the example he was trying to set for Mizrahe, he knew that he had to leave the company. He recently had a discussion with the leaders, and took a leave of absence with his Dragonborn disciple. Contingent upon him being able to leave, he vowed to return to the Bloodaxe Company within two years to finish his contract.

Daelric Morn

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