Rommel Von Spohr


Young Rommel Von Spoor was an impetuous youth of noble blood born into the lap of luxury. Rommel was born the second son of the line and was two years the Junior to his brother Robert. Robert tormented Rommel from the beginning. He was always pulling on his ears and picking on his slim build. Rommel took after their mother, and had much more pronounced elven features. Where Young Robert was the spitting image of their father. Broad chested and stoutly built. Sir Frederick Von Spoor, of Waterdeep, was well known throughout the land as a fair and just ruler and never treated the dirty peasants of his lands with distain. It was just as common a sight to see Lord Von Spoor riding his steed on the hunt, or charging off with his knights to defend the expanses of his realm.

As the boys grew up, the differences between Robert and Rommel became increasingly obvious. In their teen years Robert excelled at the martial endeavors be it on horse or foot. He was entering and winning tournaments at an early age and even Sir Frederick was heard to say that “When Robert becomes a Lord of Waterdeep all would be protected and the lands would be in the best of hands. Robert may even become the Open Lord of Waterdeep some day! "

Rommel however, showed little natural aptitude for the martial arts and though he would go through the motions he never really put his heart into it. He would much rather hang around with the soldiers and listen to their tales of battle. Often he would hear about the skirmishes of the militia against the vile and dirty peasants of the Redbrands. These were often about the devious ways these vermin tried to outwit the guards and ultimately failed to do so. He also heard stories of detachments heading to sea to fight the villainous and scurvy ridden Pirates of the area. These Pirate stories were a particular favorite of his as they often involved travel to distant lands and the romantic life of answering to no one. He swore that one day he too would have adventures like these.

In his late teen years Rommel began making nightly visits to the seedier parts of town in a quest for adventure, but in general all he developed as an irritating case of fleas and a persistent pain when he pissed. While such local adventures were great they sure were dirty and many of the peasants seemed to just be a sort of “Surplus population” doing very little for the common good. The one positive that came from these forays into the disgusting underbelly of society was that it did enable him to meet his one true love. Unfortunately, his family would never accept a union like this, and before long they were separated.

So with a broken heart and brief good bye, Rommel left his father and a life of luxury to blaze his own path. He has since been making his way as a traveling Jongleur and Rommel TaleSpinner has developed a small reputation as a man of vast knowledge and experience and Teller of Tales throughout the land.

Rommel Von Spohr

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